Due to COVID-19 we are following guidelines to keep clients and counselors safe. We understand this is a stressful time. To go to your scheduled appointment please go to the following sites as we will be doing virtual sessions:

Counselor Virtual Session Email
Carrie Cook doxy.me/carriecook carriecleggcook@gmail.com
Steven Abraham doxy.me/drstevenabraham stevenkabraham@gmail.com
Katie Hartman doxy.me/katiehartman katie.hartman.lmhc@gmail.com
Rhett Brandt doxy.me/drbrandtlmhc drbrandtlmhc@gmail.com
Sheree Saulter doxy.me/shereesaulter ssaulter7@gmail.com
Izella Walls doxy.me/izellawalls withnowalls@gmail.com
Noel Delgado doxy.me/Ndelgado noeldelgado.lmhc@gmail.com

If you would like to get set up for a session and you are an existing patient please call 863-606-5922 and we should be able to get you a virtual session within a few days.

If you are a new patient we ask you to call 863-606-5922. Once your appointment is set go to the forms tab on our website and fill out all papers and email to your counselor. Thank you.

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